Season One

Act One

Episode 1- The beginning, Zayn is on a daytrip, Rilliane is in a nightmare. .

HWFC Episode 1.mp3

Episode 2- Rilliane does some meddling, Zayn should thank her for it. .

HWFC Episode 2.mp3

Episode 3- Rilliane starts noticing a special someone. Zayn handles some affairs, Sayoko does some investigating.

HWFC Episode 3.mp3

Episode 4- Rilliane makes acquaintances with a certain someone.

HWFC Episode 4.mp3

Episode 5- Rilliane minds her own business, everyone else does not.

HWFC Episode 5.mp3

Episode 6- Rilliane has a really bad day at work. .

HWFC Episode 6.mp3

Episode 7- The ball has finally arrived, with surprises for everyone.

HWFC Episode 7.mp3

Episode 8- Zayn celebrates his twenty-seventh birthday

HWFC Episode 8.mp3

Dynasty Duel (Bonus)-Two teams go against each other in an epic battle for the grand prize!

HWFC Episode 8.5 (DD Bonus)

Act Two